Natural, Candid, Beautiful.


If you are looking for a Photographer that is a boring, stuck in their ways and isn't open to stepping outside of the box, you are in the wrong place. However, If you are looking for a Photographer that is down to earth, laid back and lives outside of the box (metaphorically speaking) then welcome, My name is Scott, a Hampshire based wedding photographer and I shoot people, Normally on their wedding day!

Whether you can pick your other half up in the air, or if you like to stay a little more grounded I will always capture your day in the most natural and candid way by following and shooting the action all day long!

A Not-In-Your-Face-But-Captures-All-The-Emotions Style.


Have you ever been to a wedding that took ages because they were waiting for the Photographer to set up their tripod, or telling you to shuffle an inch to your left and been left with jaw ache because you’ve had to hold that cheesy smile for an hour? It’s the worst right?!?

My “style” follows a Documentary theme, I don’t get in the way of your day and I follow the action. I keep things fun and light by moving to every spot in the room to cover as much ground as possible (honestly. I’m likely to need a knee replacement before my mid thirties!) to capture your day from every possible angle. That tear in your Dad’s eye? Got it, The Bestman fell over whilst carrying five shots? Snapped it, Your wedding day start to finish? Completed it!


"Scott was our Wedding Photographer and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. The pictures captured the day perfectly and the brilliant atmosphere surrounding it. Scott is such a wonderful guy, very easy to get on with and listens to what you want to achieve. 

— Shanna & Liam.


Why Should We Work Together?

I live for the genuine couples. The head-over-heels in love couples, the staying up all night to binge Netflix couples, the waking up early to watch the sunrise couples, the forgetting to make lunch because getting that extra lay in together was more important couples, the getting covered in tattoos because why the hell not couples.

If you often get called out for being weirdos by your colleagues, if you can often be found as the last ones at the party, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and your feet dirtier, if you like to step outside of the box, If you’re madly in love and no one else can understand why because you’re both a bit nutty, then lets do it. Let’s make the memories happen and capture your day the way you want it!


But What Is In It For Us?

Firstly, You get my sparkling personality and my skill at working a camera for your day, not enough? Fine, all of my packages cover pre and post wedding meetings, fuel (within 50 miles of Fareham! If you’re further a field get in touch!), Me (legal and fully insured!) for the whole day, bridal prep, ceremony, family formals, at least an hour worth of just Bride and Groom photoshoots, speeches, cake cutting, first dance, evening shindigs, a private and secure online gallery of all your images and the entire gallery available to download and use how you wish!

Better? I Thought so!

To push it further my top package comes with all of the days (and nights!) photos on a beautiful memory stick in an incredible display box, macro shots to capture all the little details throughout the day, an additional sunset session for the couples and the icing on the three tier cake is an engagement photoshoot to get your guests excited for the big day! Also, did I mention my sparkling personality?

Getting married Monday - Thursday? Drop me a message to talk discounts!

Eloping? Get you! My prices all stay exactly the same + hotel for two nights and flights/transport! All arranged with you guys so that it’s as transparent as possible!

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“Fantastic wedding photography service. He made us feel completely at ease on the day and in the run up, and took some beautiful and natural pictures. Thank you, Scott, for capturing our special day so brilliantly.”

— Emma & Dominic.

We want to book…what happens next?

That’s perfect! In order to set the wheels in motion, I need you to head to this page and fill in the booking form. From there I will add your details and begin the process to have a meeting, I always tell any clients, whether they book me or not, that you need to meet your Photographer because they are one of the few people that will be spending the whole day with you! If you don’t feel like you could sit down in a pub with them for half an hour, how can you stand an entire day with them!

I will then put together a plan of your day from my end and usually collect a deposit for your day to set it in digital stone! Then, depending on how long until your day, I visit any and all venues to get accustomed to the staff and the building etc and then a few weeks before the day I tend to get back in touch to arrange another meeting just to discuss the day and any changes that may have popped up (trust me, it happens!)

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