Founded by Scott Morey in 2016, my aim is to provide genuine moments and happy memories!


After many years as a hobby photographer, it was time to put my skills to the test! With four children of my own, I know that children do not like to sit and pose. This is why I let the children just be children. In my eyes (and my lens!) candid images beat posed every time. 

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It all started when…

I first came to photography over 15 years ago; As a Child, photography had always been a keen interest - mainly with how cameras worked! I then took as many opportunities as possible through out school to push myself towards a career in photography. When College came around I enrolled into a Media Studies course to pursue my career futher! Finishing with a relatively high grade I felt accomplished and continued my studies at the University of Portsmouth. 


At University, I studied Media Studies and Entertainment Technology, a course that largely encompassed photography and videography. A lot of the assignments were based around creating Documentaries and even maintained a year long photography course. So it is safe to say that I have taken on board a lot of knowledge regarding the technical and creative aspects that surround photography. 

Photography had always been "just" a hobby. I only took it on full time as a career when several friends and family had requested that I take photos for them in a professional capacity. Once I had completed several personal photoshoots (and with backing from my family) I decided that I was in a position to take on my dream career. I have never looked back. 

My career largely revolves around Family Portraits and Child Portraits, having four children myself, it was a natural progression to take on as I had a permenant set of models! It has enabled me to perfect my craft to a point that I rarely request clients to pose. I have found that candid photos are far superior over posed shots. Anyone can get people to pose, but it takes something extra to capture genuinely happy moments! 


Whilst I specialise in capturing happy family moments, I also have captured weddings with the same tactics to a fantastic effect. I appreciate weddings do require some posed shots but at the same time you don't want your albums filled with stiff photos. I like to document the whole day and photograph everything and everyone possible! 


I love my job, which shows in every single photo that I take, no expense is spared when it comes to capturing the moment. I provide a wide range of services that can be found here! If you have any questions or perhaps would like some more information that please do feel free to drop me a message. Also, head over to my Facebook Page and give it a Like and a Share! Alternatively, if you would like a "behind the scenes" view check out my blog here!

Thank you for looking around,