How Do The Family Sessions Work?

I often find that the best way to capture the true beauty of a person, whether they be 5 or 95, is to capture the shot when they least expect it.

My shoots will start with an introduction just so we can both get a deeper sense of what it is you are looking for. Then I will simply accompany you on your walk, whether that be through the forest, across the beach or any location you desire.

That's all you have to do! Leave all the work to me and you can enjoy your time with family and friends. My minimum shoot time is 30 minutes, this gives me plenty of time to get some beautiful digital images of you and your family, if it is desired I have additional packages which can be booked for something a little longer, please check out my package list here to find one suitable for you!


The location is your choice! With many beautiful locations across Hampshire you have a variety of options to choose from. Can't decide? Drop me a message and we can discuss the place that would be best suited for your shoot.

What If It Rains?

Obviously everyone prefers to be out in the sun but don't let a little rain stop us! If it rains on the day of the shoot we can discuss the options and move it to a more suitable day, but I am more than happy to capture the little ones (and big ones!) jumping through the puddles!

What Should We Wear?

The photos I take will potentially be photos that future generations will see, so generally pictures come out more professional when everyone is dressed nicely and similar colour schemes, but at the end of the day it is your shoot and your photographs!

On the other hand, if you want future generations to think your family was a bunch of time travelling bandits or a Superhero family, I am more than happy to shoot you at your best!

Do You Travel?

I am more than happy to travel anywhere within Fareham and Portsmouth and to keep it in the cost of the shoot, outside of this area will incur an additional cost of £2 per mile. 

How Much Does It All Cost?

My price list does vary but it is all down to you, if you would just like a basic shoot and to get a selection of digital images to use for your own collection then the basic package starts at £65. If you want a longer shoot (up to an hour and a half) then one of my other packages may be more suitable! Please find a list of prices here. Entry fees to any events or attractions are also required up front and a minimum deposit of £20 is required for all sessions.

Please click here for more info on weddings and pricing!

How Can We Pay?

I currently accept PayPal (please request details), cash (if paying with cash I will provide a receipt) and credit/debit card!

All photo shoots require a non-refundable deposit of £20 at the time of booking and confirming a date, as previously mentioned any attraction fees will also be required to be included in this first payment. The remaining outstanding amount is expected to be paid on the day of the shoot.

What If We Are Late?

Everyone has bad days where everything goes wrong, I understand that and I am not a mean person! If we have agreed a time and I have not heard from you then unfortunately due to busy schedules and deadlines the shoot will still finish at the original time. I can reschedule shoots but I will require a full 24 hour notice period.

Obviously if on a very rare occasion that I am late you are still entitled to the full shoot as planned!

Am I Free To Use The Images As I Wish?

Yes! The beauty of my packages is that you will receive the amount of photos related to the package, without a watermark and with free reign over how you use them. Also because they are already digital this means you can post them straight to your favourite social media page with little hassle!

A consent form will be required to be submitted prior to the shoot, this enables me to still be able to use the images on my website and social media pages after you have received your images. All images I reuse will be copyright protected and watermarked.

What Happens After The Session?

I will return to my studio and edit the photos of the day, once I have finished this process (taking anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days depending on the amount of images) I will post a couple of the images on my social media pages and website, 1. To give you chance to share with friends and family 2. To add to my portfolio. I will then provide you with a private link to view your images, from here you can let me know if you would like any printed (this will incur an additional fee) and to select the images you would like without a watermark, depending on which Package you have chosen. I will then send you the photos to keep as a digital memento!

As a thank you I will provide you with a 15% discount code to provide to your family and friends, if you recommend five friends and they use the code provided then I will offer you the opportunity to have a standard shoot for free!

Do You Photograph Events?

Yes, I am more than happy to provide my abilities for any events you may have, please contact me regarding quotes on any events and weddings! Alternatively click here to check out the different wedding packages we offer. As well as photography I can also provide a videography and documentarian skill set.