Aside from providing families, weddings and businesses with outstanding professional photography, we provide a variety of other services, as you will find below! 


Commissioned work

1 hr   |   £15.00

If you are looking for a specific scene or landscape shot then this may be the package for you. Whether you want a sunset shot of your local area or you want a specific piece to hang on your wall, I can arrange a specific shot just for you! A digital copy will be provided so that you may get it printed within your own budget! Please note that any prints not provided by Scott Morey Photography may have degraded quality and we cannot be held responsible for loss of quality!

Final Edit-.jpg

Acting Portfolio

2 hr   |   £55.00

Are you an aspiring actor or model? Looking for some professional shots to add to your portfolio? This package will provide you with 10 full resolution shots that can be used to provide a versatile look into your skillset!


Pet  Photography

2 hr   |   £45.00

We all have beloved animals in our lives. It makes a great addition to family albums to show the furry, feathered and scaled animals that are a part of our families too! This package will provide 20 various shots of your pet, either by themselves or with a family member (limited to one human!).