How Can We Pay?

I currently accept PayPal (please request details), cash (if paying with cash I will provide a receipt) and credit/debit card!

All photo shoots require a non-refundable deposit of £20 at the time of booking and confirming a date, as previously mentioned any attraction fees will also be required to be included in this first payment. The remaining outstanding amount is expected to be paid on the day of the shoot.

What If We Are Late?

Everyone has bad days where everything goes wrong, I understand that and I am not a mean person! If we have agreed a time and I have not heard from you then unfortunately due to busy schedules and deadlines the shoot will still finish at the original time. I can reschedule shoots but I will require a full 24 hour notice period.

Obviously if on a very rare occasion that I am late you are still entitled to the full shoot as planned!

Am I Free To Use The Images As I Wish?

Yes! The beauty of my packages is that you will receive the amount of photos related to the package, without a watermark and with free reign over how you use them. Also because they are already digital this means you can post them straight to your favourite social media page with little hassle!

A consent form will be required to be submitted prior to the shoot, this enables me to still be able to use the images on my website and social media pages after you have received your images. All images I reuse will be copyright protected and watermarked.