New Business Year, New Website!


It’s that time of year again in the studio. When subscriptions end I always find it is useful to shop around for alternatives just to make sure that we are getting the best deal possible! A whole year of subscriptions to any form of service whether that be Adobe Photoshop or a web provider can leave open a huge amount of possibilities regarding advancements from other companies! 

Last year I moved my web host from Weebly to Wix...Not out of any particular dislike of Weebly, it performed as it should and had everything I needed at the time! But it was slightly lacking toward the end of the year and so I moved my site over to Wix. 

Wix had literally everything I could need in a site! But the subscription was due to renew next month so it was time to look around! I had seen a few other creatives mention Squarespace, it seemed perfect! Easy to use interface, smooth looking websites and although not a big thing, the theme could be changed when ever I wanted! Sometimes you just want to change it up completely and one thing I had found with Wix was that it was starting to look very rigid and boring...but in order to change my site drastically, I would need to start again! 

So, if I was to start again I might as well change provider! Squarespace covers all of the needs that I currently have for Scott Morey Photography, I need a site that transfers beautifully over to mobile devices and I need it to look clean. All of my bases are covered now AND I have the option to pay monthly without being tied into a contract, so should I choose to change provider...I can! 

  Anywho, I thought it was time I updated my blog, so here is another attempt at keeping content coming! If you’re interested in keeping up with the going ons of the Studio and any current and future projects then it might be worth subscribing to keep up to date! 

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p.s. How cute is my daughter? Am I biased? I think I might be! 

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