Lets Look at Mr & Mrs Lawrence!


Every wedding I have ever shot has been unique, there is no denying that. You occasionally get the same first dance song (Ed Sheehan anybody?), but even when I have shot weddings that are in the same venue not only can they look completely different but the Bride and Groom and all of their guests are the thing that make the biggest difference.

When Chris and Iona first contacted me to discuss booking me for their wedding I honestly couldn’t hide my excitement. You see, Chris and Iona aren’t your typical day to day couple…well, its at least safe to say that I don’t know any other grooms that can hold their new wife above their head with one hand…It was safe to say it was a big resounding yes from me!

Then, on top of knowing what they can do, their venue was Hintlesham Hall in Ipswich. It is an incredible venue set in the countryside, a beautiful yet enormous manor house that sits nestled amongst a vast ground full of tall trees and beautiful flower gardens. No matter where I was i the venue instantly made each shot look like it was something from a movie!

The First Encounter: Chris and Iona first met at a Circus School, Circomedia in Bristol UK. They started training acrobatics together in class and everything grew from there.

The Proposal: After 6 years of training they had finally graduated and got accepted for their first performance contract. Chris already knew the moment they accepted the contract that he was ready to propose. He always felt that he would have proposed years ago but never felt that they were in the right place financially. Now that they had a 6 month contract It was time to pop the question! 

Chris knew he wanted to propose but wasn't completely sure how. When he looked at the cruise ships itinerary and saw NEW YORK! It had to be done at the top of the Empire State Building. Sleepless in Seattle, Gossip Girl and Sex and the City influences coming through here!

So once he had everything planned they had a 'bomb' dropped on them. As new hires, they may not be able to clear immigration to enter land state side! His entire plan was nearly ruined. A show on Broadway, dinner and a trip to the top of the Empire State to propose at midnight all potentially down the drain. They didn't find out until 4PM that they had cleared immigration, it was one of the most panicked/stressful days of his life.

Thankfully everything worked out in the end and all went according to plan. Iona said yes!

The Venue: Chris and Iona had their wedding at Hintlesham Hall in Ipswich, Suffolk. This place was special to the couple as they took Iona's Nan there for afternoon tea in the early days of the relationship and had also spent New Years Eve there in 2016/17. The grounds and venue are absolutely beautiful. 


The Outfits: Chris was certain he wanted a grey suit in a more traditional fabric. He was never sure what made him lean that way but it set from the beginning. He had no idea what style of dress Iona had chosen and was absolutely blown away when he saw her in it for the first time coming down the aisle.

The Colour Scheme: They went with a Purple/Silver/White colour scheme, Iona's favourite colour is Purple and the ties looked great with the groomsmen's suits.

The First Dance: During their time working away, they got to watch a vast array of shows/performers. Their favourite show was a Cabaret style show themed around Broadway and the West End. One of their close friends sang a song titled 'This is The Moment' from the Jekyll and Hyde musical. The lyrics and the song and it's accompanying memories made that their song of choice

What Made You Chose Scott Morey Photography as Your Photographer? : Scott has been a friend of the family for a long time but that was not our only reason for picking him. Having seen his work online and on photoshoots with my brother we were impressed with his photos. On top of that when meeting Scott to discuss details and during the day itself I felt a sense of calm emanating from him. He did not once lose his cool, he was brilliant with the guests during the day and he was patient with us when we were slow to respond via email.

Scott is a very calm and collected person and that is quite a comforting sense to have on the craziness of your wedding day.

What Is The Best Piece Of Advice To Other Couples Planning Their Wedding?: DO NOT TRY AND PLAN A WEDDING WHILST WORKING ON A CRUISE SHIP WITH LIMITED WIFI!!! Ha no jokes aside, enjoy it, relax, leave yourself plenty of time and plan in advance.

Iona and I had the ceremony, breakfast and party all at the same venue (they just turned the room around) and it saved us a HUGE amount of stress. If you are not too interested in a church wedding, consider finding a venue that can offer all of the above. That way everyone can relax knowing that, once they have arrived, they won't have to get in a car/taxi and drive somewhere else in 1 hour. I think it relaxes everyone more than you would realise.

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