A Dream, My Vision, Our Future...

I want to share something with you, my audience. I started my photography career based on a dream. Now stick with me here, but dreams can have such an impact on our day. A dream can be a way of reminding you of memories you thought you had lost or it can remind you of your fear of heights. My dream saw me sat in my own studio, nothing extravagant, just a little space to be able to set up my current editing suite and a space to have a permanent backdrop and lights set up. Somewhere like Port Solent where families could just pop in for a photoshoot. 

This dream kick started my movement to leave a well paid corporate position to begin a journey of self employment. Photography had always just been a hobby but over the years, people had asked if I shot weddings or family portraits and I always had to decline due to my normal workload. I was never happy in any of my corporate roles, happiness in a job role can make or break a job and all of mine were sucking out my soul and leaving me with very little time to spend with my family. 

So I quit. 

I remembered the dream I had about my own studio and no matter how far away that felt to becoming a reality, it was a vision that has motivated me since day one. I know that not every story where a person just quits their day job to take up their hobby professionally works out, but so far my vision is slowly becoming a reality. I have my editing suite set up have a portable studio I can take anywhere with me, obviously, my favourite studio set up is shooting session with families in the great outdoors but it’s a step closer to my vision than I was a year ago. 

Along side this dream, I also set realistic goals for myself. One of these goals was the number of followers/likes I should aim to get via social media. I know that social media is not the be all and end all of a company, but it does play a massive role in how my business and work gets viewed. Initially I set up a target of 250 followers to reach within 6 months. By the end of 2016 I had hit 350. I then set out to make sure I gained another 250 over 2017, which I achieved by reaching just over 600 likes by NYE17.

My next target, is taking a bit of a jump and I want to hit 1,000 by the end of 2018. As I write this, I am at 628 likes, So to hit my target I need to gain another 372 likes to reach my goal. Ideally I don’t want to just scrap my goal, I want to smash it. This is where you, my audience, come into play. I need you all to share my work when it comes up on your feed, just drop a like or a reaction to a post and just generally share my page. There is no reason why my page shouldn’t increase this much over the next 8 months, but I do need your help! 

If you have got this far, please just do me a solid, like the post, share a photo of mine every now and again…it might only take you 2 seconds to share but it could mean a hell of a lot more business for me and help me to achieve one of my goals that will in turn help me reach my dream. 

Thanks for your time,