A Delve Into The Dummelows Story...


A Delve Into The Dummelow Wedding:

Including My Highlights!

Shooting a Wedding is a massive undertaking, on a business level and an emotional level. You become an integral part of a couples special day, as one of the few people to spend the entire day with the couple from start to finish, it is always important to know their story!

A few of the highlights from my perspective of the day were being tasked with transporting the dress from the hotel to the final venue! Never have I been so nervous about breaking down before! Normally I like to get a shot of the Brides Mother doing up her dress, but the buttons were so fiddly that none of the bridal party could manage it…in steps Scott to save the day!

Next would be the venue, The Clockbarn, not often is it that you get a venue where the inside of the building is as stunning as the grounds! It was like photographer gold, no matter whether I was inside or out, I knew it was going to be a lovely shot!

This wedding in particular had quite a few children, which is always great because having four of my own children and a portfolio full of families means that photographing children is pretty much my wheelhouse! Also, I have a confession, there was a pillow fight…Now, I’m not saying that I started it…but I certainly didn’t stop it…The photos were just too good!

And finally, the band, my goodness they were awesome! Rapid Tranq perform a variety of sets that are based around their own versions and covers of popular rock and heavier music, which is exactly my kind of music! Quite often I found myself tapping a foot along to the beat whilst moving around the dance floor!

Now, to the main event, I like to find out what makes a couple tick…when did they meet, how did the proposal happen etc it just rounds off an already beautiful day to bring it full circle!

Read on to find out more about the Dummelows!

First Met…

We met roughly 13 years ago when Liam was an acting Corporal at an RAF base in my hometown of Fairbourne.
My Mum worked with him and persuaded me to go out for a drink with him because "he’s shy and we would have things in common as we both had numerous tattoos."
So I met him in the only pub in the village on a poker night and we instantly hit it off and became really good friends. 
Sadly, neither of us were ready for a long distance relationship so it ended there. We always spoke over the years and always kept in touch. Then years ago; completely out the blue when Liam messaged asking how I am, we were both single and our new adventure began!

The Proposal…

 It was my 30th birthday weekend, Liam surprised me with a trip to Iceland as watching the northern lights is the no.1 on my bucket list. 
We did a day trip called the golden circle and while we were looking at the Gulfoss waterfall, we were taking a selfie and some random American guy asked of we wanted him to take a picture of us, so I handed him my phone, went to grab onto Liams waist and he wasn't there, so when I looked around, he was on his knee in front of about 400 people asking me to marry him....

Venue: The Clock Barn

It was the first venue we saw and we just fell in Love with its look and rustic charm.

Wedding Day Themes…

The theme was rustic, we just wanted an autumn, vintage style. 
I'm not a big fan of flowers so all of the ones on the day were fake.

The First Dance…

 We are both massive heavy/death metal fans and we both love Stone Sour / Slipknot so having a song by Corey Taylor felt right. when we heard the acoustic version of Song #3 by Stone Sour, it just clicked with us.

Favourite Part of The Day…

 My favourite part of the day was shortly after we said our vows and had a few minutes to ourselves.

Why Scott Morey Photography?

 I've worked with Scott previously and always got on well and felt relaxed around him. 
When he began his photography business, I followed him on Facebook and simply loved his style and the way his photos were shot. So it was a no brainer really. 
Scott was lovely on the day. Couldn't of asked for a better guy.

The Best Piece Of Advice To Other Couples Planning Their Wedding?

 Just chill out and forget all about everyone else. It’s your day. Don't get swallowed up by the little details and "stress" of pleasing everyone else. 
You only get to do it once, plan everything well and have fun....... and read ALL the small print about the venue....