Meander through the Mandhouse Wedding!

I say this quite often, it’s not every wedding that has a venue that is as beautiful inside as it is outside. Langrish House in Petersfield is honestly a beautiful venue inside and out, hidden away in the Hampshire countryside surrounded by forests and fields means that you never hear traffic roaring past and that you won’t have “randoms” stumbling through your wedding photos! 

Shooting a Wedding is a massive undertaking, on a business level and an emotional level. You become an integral part of a couples special day, as one of the few people to spend the entire day with the couple from start to finish, it is always important to know their story! 

A few of the highlights from my perspective of the day were watching Holly and her Father trying to tie balloons to the gates of the venue, it almost ended with an accident before it had all began! The Bridal party consisted of all family which was lovely to see the family all pull together to help each other out whilst getting ready and having a laugh whilst the chaos began to build! I think the main thing I loved about these guys was that they were so laid back, they truly went with the flow of the day and I honestly think that is how every Bride and Groom need to approach their day! Don’t waste the day stressing, spend it laughing, dancing and eating! 

The First Encounter: Holly and Louis met at university, within a couple of weeks of her first term in her first year, it didn’t take long for Louis to sweep her off her feet! 

The Proposal: While Holly was suffering from bad tonsillitis, Louis was making sure she was looked after as much as possible. They tried to go out for a dinner that they had planned but Holly just couldn't manage it. So they went back home and Louis got her changed into her favourite pyjamas and put on one of her favourite films (Wall-e). Once she was absolutely comfortable and cosy Louis bought her a hot chocolate and proposed at the same time, nothing like a bout of tonsillitis so catch you unaware of a proposal! 


The Venue: It was perfectly situated between the two families and was within their budget. They fell in love with Langrish House when they first arrived for a viewing, it really isn’t hard to understand why!

The Outfits : The suit fit perfectly and was exactly the colour the couple were looking for. Holly's dress was second hand but could have been mistaken as if it had been made for her personally as it fit so well. They didn't want anything outrageous to overshadow the event!

The Colour Scheme: Holly and Louis always wanted a small, intimate wedding with their two favourite colours; blue and yellow. It was important for them to have family there and only close friends to make the day as meaningful as possible.


The First Dance: They had both always liked the original "At Last" by Etta James. However when they discovered a cover by Beyoncé they knew they had to have it as their song.

Their Best Bit? After the ceremony, photographs and food were finished, everyone went to sit on the outside benches underneath the stars. The tables were lit by some fairy light bottles and it was amazing to see both sides of the family bond and laugh the night away.

What Made You Choose Scott Morey Photography as Your Photographer? Scott was very responsive to messages and helped us in negotiating a personalised contract to help us both achieve what we wanted from the day. He was an excellent price and lovely to work with on the day.

What Is The Best Piece Of Advice To Other Couples Planning Their Wedding?: Something will always go wrong, but don't sweat the small stuff, the day is a celebration of love!