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I always think it's important to make your work space as tailored to you as possible. It is a place where you will spend many hours a day, potentially even two thirds of your day sitting/standing at a desk, so having it the way you want is super important. 

Starting with my my desk, I knew for a long time that I wanted to have a standing desk, every time I sat down at my previous desk, I would slouch no matter what type of chair I used. So for me, standing was the way forward. It makes me feel a little more proactive! I designed the desk how I wanted and purchased the materials and then passed them over to a friend who is particularly handy at helping people bring to life some scribblings on paper! I now have a desk that is perfect for my height and the computer is always at eye level. Also, no more slouching! 

The Computer is something that isn’t always in your control, if you’re not self employed or freelance, its highly unlikely you get to choose the specifics of your work horse…I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a huge 5k 27’ iMac…It's ridiculous, but imperative to ensure that all of my images are flawless. 

A more recent addition is the iPhone and iPad arms. The iPad arm is so that I can play any entertainment, YouTube etc, whilst I work without it having any effect on my computer (Running Lightroom and Photoshop at the same time is super RAM abusive!). The iPhone arm is me just being lazy…The light above it means that when I want to take photos of smaller things, I have an adequate light source, it also changes temperature (colour) which is super handy. If I ever decide I want to start vlogging or recording any live segments I can light myself easily, just to make myself look more beautiful! 

As it currently stands, I have my main camera and lenses sat just behind my computer, more for ease so that I can grab it when ever I needed rather than going through all of my storage! I plan to perhaps put a shelf up at some point so that I can display my equipment a little easier, it also would keep it out of my curious children’s little hands…

A good pair of headphones never go amiss for those days that you just need to plug in and drown out the world to get to the nitty gritty of editing…I have opted for some wireless Skullcandy headphones…everything else at my desk is wireless so my headphones should be too! 

Lastly, a decent sized box of junk is always handy…it means I can seep my desk looking as tidy as it does now! 

My setup



iPad Arm:

iPhone Arm + Light:

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