Dude?! Where's Your Chair?

Why I use a standing desk…

When you think of a Photographer, you might not think about them spending much time sitting down. You might picture them out in the wild shooting on location or in a studio capturing shots...what you probably don't think of is that once the photoshoot is over, we are then sat in the office editing all of these photos! Whether it is a few from some landscape work or an entire wedding, we can often be editing anywhere from 1 photo to 3,000 images. This process, as much as I enjoy it, can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple of weeks. 

Many hours are spent sat down, and without the right ergonomically positioned chair and desk it can get uncomfortable super quick. I would often find that no matter how comfy the chair I would always end up slumping, whether it be backwards or forwards, I would always come away from it with aching ribs and my spine feeling I needed a middle-age torture device to straighten me back out! The process I go through to edit is time consuming and it is so important for my health as well as my work to ensure that I am as comfortable as possible. So, I began the search for a better option. 

The better the chair, the higher the price...my desk wasn't really an issue so it was all down to the chair. Either I go crazy with a spangly new chair or I don't use a chair at all. The cheaper of the two obviously seemed more appealing. Looking at standing desks also made my wallet feel a little sick. Prices ranged from £60 for a cheap one and sky rocketing to over £500 for a well made version...obviously not an option! I thought I was stuck, forever to be the Hunchback of Scott Morey Photography! 

I ended up designing my own, I drew out the plans and picked out the materials and then took it all to one of my friends who builds and crafts bespoke woodwork. Without even blinking he was spewing all the different ideas that he had to improve the design and specs and measured me up to make sure it was going to be at the perfect hight for me to type with out my arms either hanging too loo or having to reach up! 

The resulting product is literally one of the best investments outside of the tech for my photography. Even after one day of working I no longer ache in my back, I don't feel like I am anchored down and because I work from home, sitting down for a break actually feels like a break...rather than just sitting at the same old desk but with food instead of a mouse and keyboard. 

The one thing that I do need to get is some form of ergonomic mat to stand on due to the hard floors it does make my feet ache, it was quickly solved by sticking my shoes on but I do think that a mat would resolve that issue pretty quickly! I will update this post as and when I feel improvements to my workflow have improved due to my new desk!